Psst!  You can be as classy as Greta, with a uke in your hands!

Don’t be shy!  Don’t wait to get better at ukulele before you come out to play.  Come along to our BEGINNERS sessions 6-7pm Tuesday nights.

You’ll find us in the dining room off the YARRA HOTEL, 295 Johnston Street, Abbotsford.

Check out how comfy the Yarra is:

Yarra Hotel #1

You’ll get lots of help from fellow ukers and Harry will help you with the finer points of how to hold the little music box, how to strum it: it’s not just a little guitar, it’s got all its own character.  He’ll answer your questions and do his level best to get you up to speed pronto so you can catch on and be belting out songs in no time!

COST:  $10  (music sheets provided)

From 7:30 – 8:30+ there is the INTERMEDIATE session, looking at more involved playing (of the group set but also of solely intermediate pieces based around more involved chords, melody picking or multi-part pieces).

COST: $12 (music provided).