Gig on Tuesday 22nd @ Good Shepard Nursing Home

We have a gig on Tuesday! We’ll gather at the Yarra as usual and play a 30 minute practice set of our arrangements of the following songs:

Istanbul not Constantinople (Am & E7)
Jambalaya (C & G7)
You Are My Sunshine (C F & G)
Under the Milky Way Tonight (Am)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (D G & A7)
Put a Little Love in your Heart (C F & G, with a little Dm)
It’s Good To See You (D G A)

(I’ve been fiddling with Dr. Uke’s ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ of late. I thought we might sneak that one into the set somewhere as I reckon it’ll be a sing-a-long piece for our audience. I can play and the rest of us sing it?)

Then we’ll head down to the end of Abbottsford to the…

Good Shepherd Nursing Home, 2 Clarke St, Abbotsford VIC 3067 (Clarke St is down toward the Yarra River from the Yarra Hotel; near the Abbotsford Convent complex).

We’ll replay the set for the benefit of the folks in the home. Then we’re heading back to the Yarra for a drink. I’ll continue with the intermediate’s session ’til 9. smile emoticon

Even if you’re not up to playing the set, the more voices the better, so come along and join in!